People who participate in therapy are bright, well-educated individuals who are using their resources to make their lives better. You are likely consulting me, a psychologist, because you want to change or improve certain aspects of your life such as relationships, career, feelings, or views about yourself. You may want to enhance specific elements of your sport. You may desire to feel more at peace with yourself and your life.

Together, we will work to change old habits and ingrained attitudes.
I will help you identify your feelings, perceptions and actions that
may be controlling you, so you can control them. You will learn to be patient with yourself and to notice your failures so you can improve on them. We will focus on your successes and help you learn to enjoy satisfaction with what you have and with whom you are, while always striving for more.

Therapy can be hard work, but as you discover an increase in contentment, freedom, and happiness, you will appreciate the
power this tool has for changing your life.